Merlin (ABCA Registered Male Border Collie)

* Tested Clear for the entire Border Collie Panel (paw print genetics)

* Strong worker. Can be a bit hard headed. No quit. Correct heel and nose bite

* Easy travelling dog with stamina to go all day


* ABCA Registered female Border Collie

* from proven lineage of working cattle dogs

* intense, good size, well built dog

* DNA tested clear (n\n) for full BC panel

​* Litter planned for spring 2019

Raine (ABCA registered female Border Collie)

*Awesome cattle dog. Smart, careful, but gritty worker. Correct bite, head or heel

*Trial Winner on sheep


* DNA tested clear for full BC panel (n/n)

*Proven producer of great working pups

*Raine has been bred to Doc (Cap X Calli) and is due Feb 14/19.

* These pups have a royal pedigree and should be stellar cattle dogs

Soul Ridge Flirt (ABCA registered Female)

* 2nd generation of our breeding

* bold, intelligent pup, with tons of character and presence already!


Registered Working Border Collies

All of our breeding dogs work cattle for a living and are also members of the family when they are not working. We breed for bold dogs with lots of power and stock sense, the bite to back it up, and also biddable and desiring to work for you. Mostly we sell puppies and some started or trained dogs when available. 

Daisy/ Merlin puppies Born Nov 4th, 2018

* All of Daisy/Merlin puppies are now sold and have headed off to their new homes

* Raine has been bred to Doc (Cap X Calli) and is due february 14/19

Isabella (AKA IZZY)

* CBCA registered female border collie. Bold, intelligent, lots of natural talent. Really likes people and eager to please.

* DNA tested clear for full BC panel (n/n)

* planning for her first litter Summer 2019

Daisy (CBCA Registered female border collie)

Daisy is everything a female border collie should be and what i first fell in love with as a tiny kid. She is sweet, eager to please, good with all ages of kids and adults. Daisy is bold, thoughtful, and skilled working stock and is a loyal and fun trail riding companion