Soul Ridge Rebel

* Health Tested full panel clear

* Blue merle who is red factored with one blue eye

* Very friendly, happy go lucky personality

* Loyal and loves going wherever I go

* ASDR registered standard size (50lbs)

* Home bred Son of Remi and Riff

* DOB: January 29th, 2022

Female Australian Shepherds

Soul Ridge Seraphin "Sera"

*Daughter of Remi & Gizmo

*ASDR registered black tri female Australian shepherd

* Born March 14, 2020/ weighs 40lbs

* Health tested through pawprint genetics

* Wants to work cows

* Smart, loyal, very mature for her age. Loves to go anywhere her people go. Game for anything

Becca- Black Tri Mini Aussie

* Mini size aussie 28lbs

* Health tested

* Happy, friendly, playful entertaining girl

* soft and submissive personality

* Loves raising puppies and doesn't want them to leave

* Health tested

* ASDR registered

* DOB: July 15th, 2020.

Male Australian Shepherds

Our Australian Shepherds are bred from working lines. We also pay special attention to having family oriented, friendly, easy to get along "Parent Dogs". All of our breeding dogs are health tested through Paw Print Genetics. Scroll down to see our breeding dogs, family pets, and current litters

Soul Ridge Aspyn

*DOB November 8th, 2020

*Daughter of Amber & Gizmo

* ASDR registered Red Tri Australian Shepherd

* Health tested/ weighs 40lbs

*Sweet/gentle/soft natured personality. Loves to mother all small things

Soul Ridge Stella

* Large mini in size 34lbs

* Health tested

* lovely temperament

* loves riding and camping with the horses

* DOB: October 7th, 2021

* Daughter of our dogs Sera and Dodger

* Black tri minimal white who is red factored