Woodmont Talisman Xpedia #13659

* 2010 Black mare 16.1hh

* Exceptional career broodmares

* Her foals have been easy to train and succesful undersaddle

* Started under saddle

* Good strong legs and feet

* smooth, balanced mover

Bar K Madona

* 2018 buckskin QH mare 14.2hh (still growing)

* Started under saddle and progressing well

* Brave, curious, soft personality

* Very balanced mover

​* Promises to be cowy

Blain Eros Fantasia #14801

​* 2018 bay mare 15hh

* stunning to look at

* sensitive, responsive, lots of try. wants to be with people

* agile, athletic, quick footed. shows promise for western disciplines

* Currently doing ground work in preparation to be started under saddle

​At Soul Ridge Farm, We take great pride in our mares. In many ways they are the foundation of our breed. Mares that we breed need to be of sound mind and body and prove their aptitude and willingness to work. They need to be enjoyable horses to ride. Then they need to be easy to breed, easy foalers, and good mothers. We ask a lot of our mares.

Blain Revelstoke Goldenstar "Gemma"

* 2019 Chestnut mare, mature 15.1-15.2hh

* Sire: Cherry Creek Fonzie Revelstoke

* Dam: Green Acres K-Sir-A Superbe

* Exceptional mover with tons of reach and suspension

* Calm, confident, bold, friendly personality

Humeny Boumboum Gloria #7325

1997 black mare 15.1hh

* Excellent conformation and mover

* excellent feet

* great mother

* Sweet, soft nature

* Broke to drive double

Garoy Palmer Belle #14033

* 2014 Chestnut mare 15.1hh

* broke to ride. intelligent, sensible, kind, lots of try

* soft, smooth mover

* proven producer of an outstanding filly in 2020

* gorgeous neck and topline

* great feet and legs

* personable, friendly nature 

Soul Ridge Xpression Giselle #14907

* 2019 black mare, should mature 15.3hh

* Sire: Woodmont Tundra Xpression

* Dam: Leeward Remington Aris

* Beautiful floating mover suitable for jumping and dressage

* Quiet, bold, friendly, curious personality

* refined build with good bone and excellent feet

O'Land Gordon Western-Belle "Bella" #14094

* 2009 Black mare 15.1hh

* Pretty, soft mover

* lots of presence

*green broke to ride

* has produced one very nice foal with a good mind

Du Pas-sage Stravansky Electra #14408

* 2017 bay mare, 16hh

* calm, friendly, personable nature

* ridden a few times, but an injury as a yearling has left her as a career broodmare only

* warmblood type floating movement

​* expecting her first foal spring 2021

Shook's Curb Appeal "Curby"

* 2018 black QH mare 14.3hh (still growing)

* Green broke under saddle and progressing super well

* Balanced mover with lovely natural carriage

* Quiet, sensible, non spooky nature

* Great feet and bone. pretty head

Yvalbe Fablo-ll Sigee " Sophie" #11599

* 2006 bay mare 15.3hh

* Broke to ride, trails and arena

* Proven broodmare who produces foals superior to herself

* Exception feet

* 3 good, balanced, easy to ride gaits

La Galvaude Magic Lady #9864

* 2001 Black mare 16hh

* Proven producer of sport horse offspring

*Excellent conformation, legs, and feet

* Broke to ride and drive

LDR Ghost Pazaz #11078

* 2004 Black mare 15.1hh

* Proven producer of trainable offspring

* Beautiful head and neck

* Very intelligent

* Smooth mover

* Started under saddle

Soul Ridge Taboo Delila #14289

* 2016 black mare with chrome 15.1hh

* excellent, correct conformation

* Beautiful, powerful mover

* Broke to ride- arena, roads, and trails

* Bold, confident, friendly personality

* Proven producer of a lovely 2020 filly

Cache Phenom Ember, 2017 chestnut filly. will mature 15.1hh

Ranch-L Xabon Janine #8345

* 1999 Chestnut mare 15hh

* Sire: Quebecois Lalou Xabon

* Dam: Ranch-L Bienvenue Dyana

* excellent broodmare

* good feet and legs

​Beckett's Creek Kamouraska Pat #10468

* 2004 black mare 16hh plus

​* Proven producer of tall, sport horse babies

* Broke to ride

* Sensible, confident, friendly nature

Three Fold Anarchy Habanero "Pepper"

* 2020 chestnut filly, expected to mature 15.1-15.2hh

* Sire: Three Fold H-Aragorn Anarchy

* Dam: Mosarc Lucifer Winnie

* Wonderful conformation destined for the show ring

* Spicy, sassy, bold, friendly personality

LDR Poncho Twilight #13975

* 2007 Black mare 15.1hh

* Proven producer of correct, trainable foals

* solid, strong mare

Soul Ridge Xpression Gypsy #14718

* Sire: Woodmont Tundra Xpression

* Dam: Willowview Dawn Phara

* 2019 Black mare, should mature 16hh

* Beautiful floating movement

* stunning conformation, large kind eye

Woodmont Furie Reanna #11136

* 2005 black mare 16hh

* quiet, uncomplicated horse to ride

* kind, friendly nature

* proven producer of lovely flashy foals

​Willowview Dawn Phara #10759

* 2004 black mare 15.2hh

* outstanding career broodmare

* produces correct, nice minded trainable foals

* sweet and nice to handle

* Very strong topline and hip

​Hampshire Lane Lawrence Sylvie #11975

* 2006 bay mare 15.2hh

* excellent mother, easy breeder, easy foaler

* very well broke and versatile

* team penning, sorting, working ranch horse, cowboy challenge, dressage, mountain trails, bareback and bridleless. 

* Lots of presence. catches people's attention

Metistar Taj*Mahal Dana #14906

* 2016 Chestnut with flaxen mare, 15hh

* Beautiful forward, fluent, uphill mover

* Green broke under saddle and progressing well

* Passive nature, but not spooky

* Light, responsive, and forward

Cache Phenom Ember #14493

* 2017 chestnut mare 15hh

* Great feet, lots of stamina

* Well trained under saddle: arena work, cattle sorting, cowboy challenge, trail and mountain riding, drill team

* friendly personable nature. Loves people

* smooth balanced gaits that are easy to ride

"Hope", 2020 Warlander filly (Friesian X andalusian)

* Brown in colour, expected to mature 15.3hh

* Sweet, kind eye

* long legs

* beautiful mover

* Just wait to see her in a couple years when she grows into herself

Soul Ridge Lamont Georgia #14722

* 2019 Black mare, should mature 16.2hh

* Sire: Kecaluku Wilfrid Lamont

* Dam: Woodmont Talisman Xpedia

* Balanced trot and canter

* Friendly, curious, sensitive, responsive nature

* Excellent legs and feet, short strong back, kind eye