​Hampshire Lane Lawrence Sylvie 2006 bay mare 15.3hh

​Woodmont Upper-Class Yasmine 2011 black mare 15.2hh

Yvalbe Fablo-ll Sigee 2006 bay mare 15.3hh

​Dreamsreach Billy StarDancer 2006 black mare 15.3hh

​De-Tewkesbury Moka Elyzanne 1995 chestnut mare 15.2hh

​Humeny Boumboum Gloria 1997 black mare 15.1hh

​Woodmont Talisman Xpedia 2010 black mare 16.2hh 

​Shabraque Grandee Zufelt 2012 black mare 15.1hh

Willowview Dawn Wings 2009 black mare 15.2hh- for sale

​Beckett's Creek Kamouraska Pat 2004 black mare 15.3hh

Woodmont Furie Reanna 2005 brown mare 15.3hh

​At Soul Ridge Farm, We take great pride in our mares. In many ways they are the foundation of our breed. Mares that we breed need to be of sound mind and body and prove their aptitude and willingness to work. They need to be enjoyable horses to ride. Then they need to be easy to breed, easy foalers, and good mothers. We ask a lot of our mares.

​Willowview Dawn Phara 2004 black mare 15.2hh