4. AQHA mare "Penny" bred to AQHA stallion, Berry Finnomenal due- April 20th, 2024

7. Yvalbe Fablo-ll Sigee aka SOPHIE bred to Lambert Lambert Taj*Mahal #12027 due August 1st, 2024

5. Pineview Alf Liberty #9187 Bred to Lambert Lambert Taj*Mahal - Due May 16th, 2024

11. Lambert Lambert Willow #12959 bred to Litjens Sanday Envy  Due June 8th, 2024

1. Lightspeed Jetson Pebbles Bred to Woodmont Tundra Xpression- Due April 9/24

We are expecting 6 purebred canadian foals in 2024 and 1 AQHA foal. The mares in this Album are confirmed in foal to the stallion they were bred to. We are looking forward to foaling season and to seeing healthy mommas and healthy babies out enjoying the spring grass.
At this time we do not take "in utero" reservations. Most of the colts and most of the fillies will be available for reservation(to hold until weaning) once they are born. If a colt or filly is reserved prior to one month of age, you (the buyer) can even choose their registered name!
All of our foals receive good basic handling. They learn to lead and stand for grooming, and for hoof trimming. They learn to come in and out of the barn, and load and unload from the trailer. They learn to go for short walks by themselves and return to their herd. We do our best to raise healthy, friendly, well adjusted foals who like people and who are well socialized with other horses. The foals (and their mommas) spend the spring/summer out on big pastures in a big herd. They learn to live with varied weather and different types of terrain, and all the while, they are learning to be horses and live peacefully within the herd. The foals receive age appropriate deworming, hoof trims and vaccinations while they are in our care.

Here are the mares who are expecting 2024 foals as well as a few pictures of the stallions who sired those foals. 

2. LDR Poncho Twilight bred to Litjens Pluton Espresso- Due April 2024

3. Du Pas-sage Stravansky Electra #14408 bred to lambert Lambert Taj*Mahal- Due April 20th, 2024