2018 registered flashy black canadian gelding. currently stands 15.2hh (expected to mature 15.3-16hh) and is going very well under saddle. Bold, confident, friendly personality. Not much phases this boy. not spooky or herd bound. Happily lives peacefully in a mixed herd.

Futuro was very lightly started spring/summer 2020 (ridden a couple times per month). Most of the year he spent out at pasture with the herd growing up and exploring the natural environment with mud, water, logs and bush to navigate.

Futuro has been ridden 4-5 days per week since November 2020 and is going nicely walk/trot/canter. More of an easy going push ride. Getting more and more responsive as his understanding increases. Learning walk/lope departures, decent with his leads, good basic lateral work (leg yield. turn on forehand, turn on haunches). Working on shape and bend (doing great) at walk/trot so far. Futuro has mostly been ridden in a western saddle, but can be ridden in an english saddle or bareback as well. Mostly ridden in a snaffle bit, but also comfortable being ridden in a bosal.

This boy is going to be a great versatile partner... lower level dressage, jumping, eventing, trail riding, mountain riding, ranch/cow work, this boy will do a bit of everything.

Futuro is also comfortable ponying another horse, crosses tarps, wears tarps, and pushes the big ball- all with no fuss.

He is healthy, sound, up to date on hoof trims, 5 way Vaccines, and deworming. Futuro ties, loads, and trailers very well. Takes new places in stride.

​$7500 (sale pending)

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           SOLD Woodmont Triton Futuro #14577 3 year old Canadian Gelding

Soul Ridge Lamont Georgia, all black registered canadian filly

DOB: July 6th, 2019

Sire: Kecaluku Wifrid Lamont

Dam: Woodmont Talisman Xpedia

Height: currently 15.2hh at the withers. expected to mature 16.2hh

Georgia is a curious, friendly horse with a soft, relaxed eye. She is responsive and light to handle and fairly sensitive. She is a big girl with a lot of maturing to do yet. Shows great promise as a performance riding horse and exhibits smooth, balanced trot and canter. 

Georgia has good bone and good feet, a short back and tons of mane!

She has been raised in a herd on a big pasture and has received basic handling. She leads, ties, loads and trailers, stands for grooming and hoof trims.

Georgia is up to date on 5 way vaccines, deworming and hoof trims.

$4500 located in Prince George BC

        Soul Ridge Lamont Georgia #14722 coming 2 year old Canadian filly