Soul Ridge Taj*Mahal Kermit 
Chestnut gelding with a couple white hairs

DOB: April 14th, 2023

height: Expected to mature 15.3hh

Sire: Lambert Lambert Taj*Mahal 15.3hh

Dam: woodmont Furie Reanna 15.3hh

Kermit is friendly and well handled. He is halter broke, comes to the gate to have his halter put on. He leads and ties well and is good with his feet. Kermit is a sweet natured boy who is more passive/lower in the pecking order in his age group. He is neither herd bound nor spooky. Kermit has a generous length of stride suited for the english disciplines. He also has a steady temperament suited for driving or trail riding. Kermit is looking for his new home and is available any time. He can also be reserved and stay for a little while until pick up. Kermit is up to date on deworming, and hoof trims. He is sound and has not been injured


located in Prince George, BC. some delivery options available

Horses For Sale- Available 2023 Yearlings

Horses for sale- coming 2 year olds, born in 2022 

Black gelding born July 2/22
Sire: Blain Dapper Lougheed
Dam: Cedar Rock Miler-Lite El-Remy
Height: expected to mature 15.1hh

Joker is a handsome, well put together yearling gelding with excellent conformation. He has great legs, feet and angles, a good wither, nice length of neck, and a strong hip. His big, beautiful movement is well suited to dressage, eventing, or Working Equitation. His sensible nature and "built-to-last" conformation would also make him well suited as a long distance trail or mountain horse

He has a curious, friendly and bold personality and enjoys running and playing with his friends.

Joker is halter broke, comes to be caught, leads, ties, likes to be groomed and is good with his feet and good to trim.
He is up to date on hoof trims, deworming, and 5 way vaccinations
located in Prince George, BC. some delivery options available


                       Horses for Sale- Available coming 3 year olds



Bay yearling gelding foaled May 5th, 2022
height: expected to mature 15hh plus
Dam: Woodmont Lawrence Alistair 15.2
Sire: Litjens Pluton Espresso 14.2hh

*Java is a beautifully put together, elegant and refined yearling gelding. He is an elegant, pretty mover. Java has very good conformation, legs and feet. He is calm, sensitive, feely and sensible. I expect he will be a light and responsive horse to train and ride with a sensible, willing mind. Both his sire and his dam are excellent trustworthy horses to ride (calm, sensible, responsive and willing with comfortable gaits).

*Java is halter broke, easy to put a halter on, leads and ties, gives all for 4 feet (up to date on trims), likes to be brushed and is current on 5way vaccines and deworming. He is looking for "his person" to bond with.

located in Prince George, BC


Courage Celtic Jenesee
2 year old, jet black registered canadian filly
Height: expected to mature 15.2hh
Sire: Woodmont U-Guinness Celtic
Dam: Du Coteau Dandy Reine
Bold, confident, courageous personality. More on the alpha side of the spectrum so not suited to a passive rider/owner. Super friendly and always wants to say high and have attention.
Jenesee is up to date on deworming, vaccinations and has had her feet trimmed. She leads well, and ties (needs work on standing patiently). She also loads in the trailer and has had a light introduction to some lunging and the saddle. The saddle was no issue- no buck. She is a bigger moving filly with loads of potential for a confident, competent rider/owner/trainer.
Jenesee is sound with no known injuries. located in Prince George, BC.
Some delivery options available.

Priced: $5000

SOLD Sarabelle Alias Harmony #14877 SOLD
Sarabelle Alias Harmony
2020 Palomino canadian mare
Dam: Litjens Champlain Xtasia #13249
Sire: Lou Pais Nadja Alias #13849
Height: currently 15.1hh and expected to mature up to 15.2hh

* Reason for sale: I am making time for the next horses who need riding and training. Harmony is available for sale to an approved home- She is not on sale*

Harmony is a social, friendly girl. She has been consistently ridden since December of 2022. She has a solid walk/trot/canter in the arena and will bend and flex nicely. Harmony has nice rhythmic gaits that are comfortable to ride. She leg yields at walk and trot, turns on forehand and haunches, sidepasses, backs up. Harmony has participated in one Cowboy Challenge Clinic (she did well!)

After a winter of arena riding, Harmony spent the season gaining some life experience on the trails. She rides out great alone and with dogs. Will cross bridges, water, deadfall, steep hills, narrow trails etc. She also rides out in groups and happily leads, follows, rides in the middle. Harmony has proven herself to be a lovely trail mount and is typically not spooky and is not herd bound. She has a little bit of experience ponying another horse (doesn't mind at all) and has also been ponied a couple of times.

I can see this girl being well suited for Working Equitation... or continue to develop her as a versatile, well rounded mare.

Harmony has never offered to buck/bolt or rear. She is best suited to a competent rider who can continue to support a young horse in their development.

Harmony is healthy and sound with great feet and correct conformation. She is up to date on hoof trims, deworming and 5 way vaccines. She loads and trailers very well by herself or with other horses. Will tie quietly for hours. Has been hauled to many different places to trail ride and takes it in stride.

We are looking for a home who will continue to ride Harmony and enjoy the effort that went into her training thus far. (will not be sold as a pasture pet). We are also keen for Harmony to have a few foals down the road (this isn't necessary, but it would be nice)

Asking $15,000 CND. located in Prince George, BC

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